What is a Standard Sheepadoodle?

If you’re looking for an adorable pet that’s smart, loyal & lovable, the Sheepadoodle is a great fit! 

The Standard Sheepadoodle breed is a mix of a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. Standard Sheepadoodles are ideal family dogs and great with children and other pets. Known as a healthy breed, they love the outdoors and have an affinity for water. 

Their eagerness to play and their love of children makes them the perfect family dog!

What is the Coloring and Size of a Standard Sheepadoodle?

A Standard Sheepadoodles soft and curly coat share a mix of their Poodle and Old English Sheepdog parents’ coats and colors.

Common Colors you will see in our American Standard Sheepadoodles are Black, White, Black & White Spotting, Red, Apricot, Sable Fawn, White Parti with Color Markings, Silver Beige.

A Standardard Sheepadoodle averages in size from 65 to 75 lbs.

Paris and Bocellis puppy
Ebony and Cupids Puppy

What is a Standard Sheepadoodles Temperament?

Standard Sheepadoodles are ideal family dogs. They are very calm, intelligent and obedient. Standard Sheepadoodles get along well with other dogs or pets as they are not overbearing or domineering.

If you are looking for a social breed that is calm, loyal and great with kids, the Standard Sheepadoodle is a great option for your family.

Are Standard Sheepadoodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes! Standard Sheepadoodles are hypoallergenic. Standard Sheepadoodles take on the good characteristics of a standard poodle and an old english sheep dog. Standard Sheepadoodles have a very hypoallergenic coat that can range from soft wavy to soft curly fleece and are the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Standard Sheepadoodles have a double coat but unlike some breeds with an undercoat, it doesn’t blow out or shed seasonly. Regular brushing and grooming will help to prevent tangles and matting.

2021 Planned Litters For Our Standard Sheepadoodles

*Each female typically has 8-10 puppies.

Price: $2500
Reserve Deposit: $500
Balance Due in Cash Upon Pick Up: $2000

Mid-July 2021

Expected Colors: 100% Black and White spotting.
Expected Breeding Date: Mid May 2021
Expected Due Date: Mid July 2021

Mid-July 2021

Expected Colors: Red, Apricot, Silver Beige, White (Parti & Limited White Markings). Expected Breeding Date: Mid May 2021 Expected Due Date: Mid July 2021

First of October 2021

Expected Colors: Apricot, Black and White, Sable Fawn and White, Sable Fawn, Black. Expected Breeding Date: First of August Expected Due Date: First of October

What are Standard Sheepadoodle Generations?

F1, F2 or F3 are generational categories that describe the breeding of standard sheepadoodles. Each category has different characteristics.

  • F1 Standard Sheepadoodle: Old English Sheepdog X Poodle
  • F1b Standard Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle X Poodle
  • F1bb Standard Sheepadoodle: F1b Sheepadoodle X Poodle
  • F2 Standard Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle X F1 Sheepadoodle
  • F2b Standard Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle X F1b Sheepadoodle
  • F2bb Standard Sheepadoodle: F2b Sheepadoodle X Poodle
  • F3 Standard Sheepadoodle: F1b Sheepadoodle X F1b Sheepadoodle