Our Local Partner Home Program’ allows families to bring a top quality dog into their family at no cost to them. In an effort to be good stewards of our breeding dogs, we make every effort to find them a loving home. At Amerian Doodles, we want all of our dogs to be loved family members. Forever homes are our goal! We offer Partnerships to allow this to happen. Not to worry, American Doodles will pay for all breeding related costs. We will also pay each Partner Home family for the opportunity to bring the dog back to breed and help the puppies! It’s just a small token of thanks to you for giving our dogs a loving home!  

Prior to any dogs being bred, each will have gone through a series of hereditary genetic testing, radiograph hip evaluations as well as coloration testing. 

Female Dogs:  Once placed, the dog will remain in your home until certain phases of the breeding cycle are reached, this means her heat cycle. The first breeding cycle will be around 18 months. Once the female has been bred she will return to your home. When ready to deliver, she will return to us for 6-8 weeks. After her pups are weaned, she will then be returned to your family to enjoy family time. Once she reaches four years old, she becomes yours forever!

Male Dogs:  A male matures into stud around 8 months. Males will typically remain in the program for up to 8 years, and are only brought to our facility for a few days when we have a female ready to breed. He isn’t required to stay long and is promptly returned to you. Once retired, he will also become yours forever.

If you live in the DFW area and want to learn more about our Local Partner Home Program, contact us. We will answer all of your questions. 

Available Now For Partner Home

No animals are available for partner homes at this time. Please check back soon for periodical updates.